Episode 08: Kim Craig

Multiracial Korean adoptee Kim Craig, 49, talks to us about her adoption experience, including being rehomed and child abuse. Despite being adopted at the age of five to the United States, she was never given citizenship. As a legal permanent resident, she was able to go about her life like most Americans, with a few exceptions. Three years ago, her life drastically changed when she lost her that identification card while on a return visit to Korea for the first time since her adoption. She talks about having to survive in a country where she doesn’t speak the language or fit in anymore. Her story is an example of the insecurities and struggles many adoptees without citizenship face, and how easily their lives can drastically change.

Ed. note: (Jan. 9, 2017) – According to the U.S. Embassy in Seoul, Kim Craig was issued a visa to travel to back to the U.S. in mid-December. An embassy spokesperson said Craig indicated her return was imminent.


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